About Me


My name is Nicole M. Zaunbrecher and I have been writing ever since I was very young. I completed my first book at the age of 10 and am in the editing process for several projects. I currently write fiction novels, short stories, roleplays, fanfictions, poetry, screenplays, plays, creative nonfiction, and song lyrics.

I am involved in writing groups and literary conferences such as The Florida Heritage Book Festival, Other Words/FLAC, and PCAS. I plan to have a career in publishing as an editor, publisher, and author. I enjoy writing and expressing myself through creativity, and I will continue to do so as long as I live.

Publishing Experience
I have been published twice through the America Library of Poetry, with poems featured in their book Excellence (2006) as well as The Gold Edition (2010). I have also been published in a class-produced book, Running on Saint George Street (2012), as well as in Flagler College’s student-run literary journal: FLARE (2014).

In May 2014, I graduated from Flagler College with a Bachelor’s of Art in English and Creative Writing. While at Flagler College, I participated in the following activities:

  • Work Study for the Department of English at Flagler College
  • Secretary, Vice President, & President of Ink Slingers Creative Writing Club
  • Intern at Get Book Savvy and Sagaponack Books
  • Lead Poetry Editor of FLARE
  • Secretary of Flagler’s Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta
  • Writing Tutor at Flagler College’s Learning Center
  • Submitted  a Parking Proposal to the Student Government Association

I am currently a Quality Control Editor at Web.com, where I edit the copy and design for websites developed by our professional design team. The projects I have completed include:

  • A Standards Manual for our Copy Department
  • A Proposal to Enhance the Website Creation Process
  • A Proofreading Guide
  • A Standards Blog for the Copy Department
  • Training Manuals for Ecommerce Products
  • Training Presentation & Handouts for Meeting Word Counts

Writing & Professional Accounts
You can learn more about me or read my work on the following websites:
Professional Profile: LinkedIn
Writing Articles: Hub Pages
Social Media: TwitterTumblrGoogle+
Fanfiction: Fanfiction.Net & Archive of Our Own

My hobbies include drawing (more like sketching and doodling), dabbling in Photoshop, singing, gaming, cosplaying, and dancing. I tend to be a very creative person and am interested in the arts. I also care a lot about the environment and the animals that we live with. I like to be active in animal rights through petitioning, and am a member of the National Wildlife Federation, as well as support the Defenders of Wildlife and World Wildlife Fund.


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