More awesome news! FLARE: The Flagler Review actually accepted some staff work for their 2014 Online Student Edition, and one of my poems made it in! The Launch Event was last night and I read my piece before a spectacular audience, along with fellow contributors (one of whom being the runner-up for the contest I organized).

The poem is called “Undone” and was written fairly recently, within a year. I sent it to other publications but was turned down, but I’m glad my work is featured by the literary journal I work on; I think it’s good for readers and contributors to see the work of the staff, and for that work to be of the same caliber they accept. As soon as the edition is posted, I will put a link and add it to my Published Works page.


Great News!

I received some awesome news recently: the Parking Proposal I gave to the Student Government Association at Flagler College has been handed over to the Administrative board to decide on a course of action! The SGA were trying to come up with a way to fix the parking situation on campus and were elated when I sent over my proposal. The Director of Campus Planning will read over both their proposal and mine, and hopefully something will be done! I’m really excited to see how far this goes. If the only thing I contribute (besides the bazillion other things I do for this college) is a better parking system, I’ll be happy.

When I talked to the President and other members of the SGA, they were impressed with my thoroughness and determination in the proposal. They congratulated me on my efforts and were hopeful in obtaining success. Even though the semester is nearly over, the changes made based on my suggested solutions could possibly be implemented as soon as this Fall or next Spring. If future students and current faculty can benefit from this, I will consider it a victory!

(As I was leaving one of the parking lots today, someone’s car was getting towed. Yikes! I’m glad I submitted my proposal before my car ended up on a truck!)

Welcome to the new age

I’ve added a new novel to my project list, called Rise of the Mechas: The Third World War. Tentative title for a scifi novel. This idea was originally designed as a role-play website called Gundam Titanium, but has been developing into a novel as I encounter impressive movies like Pacific Rim and inspiring shows like Almost Human. While the concept was based off of the Gundam franchise (I’m a huge fan), I’ve been modifying things to make them unique.

I’m usually more of a fantasy writer, because for some reason magic is easier to wrap my head around, but I really dig the sci-fi genre. The hardest part about writing science-fiction, at least for me, has to do with all of the technological advancements and scientific appeal. I’m no scientist, but I have a pretty big imagination. Some features of this novel will include androids capable of transforming into Mechas, a third world war involving multiple factions, neutral nations, rebels, and secret organizations, as well as enhanced cars. Once I do a quick legal check and mold more of the tech, I might start writing. Because I made it first as a website, designed for other players to incorporate their own ideas, a lot of stuff has already been plotted out and prepared–but I still have a long way to go.

There will most likely be future installments, especially when it comes to exploring space, but right now I am only working on one novel for this project. I’ll definitely be paying more attention to classics like Star Trek as I head into sci-fi territory.