Officially Published!

I’m so excited and proud to announce that the book my poem is featured in, Florida’s Best Emerging Poets, has been published! I can now call myself a 5-Time Published Poet, which is a title I am very happy to embrace.

Poetry has always been a way for me to let out my emotions instead of keeping them bottled up inside. A lot of the poems I have written over the years, especially the ones from when I was younger, came about through the pure outpouring of emotion onto paper. I couldn’t explain why I chose certain words or what the poems were even about, because they were influenced by my emotions alone.

The poem featured in this collection, however, I can say was influenced by a great love in my life: the moon. As creative as I am, the most apt title I could think to give it was “Love Poems to the Moon” because, quite simply, that is what the series of stanzas is. They interchange between talking directly to the orb in the sky and talking indirectly about it.

I’ve been in love with the moon since I was a child. I always enjoy staring at it, especially when it’s full. A lot of my poems mention the moon, but this one is focused intently on it. When I found out that this was the chosen piece from the few I submitted, I was glad to know that my appreciation for the moon could be, well, appreciated. I hope those who read this poem are just as enamored with the moon as I am.

You can read “Love Poems to the Moon” by purchasing a copy of the softcover or eBook version of Florida’s Best Emerging Poets through Z Publishing or Amazon.


Exciting News!

Z Publishing Logo

I was recently contacted by Z Publishing to submit my poetry for one of their books. They compile an anthology of poems by the best poets in each state, in addition to their other projects, and publish them as eBooks and soft covers. I submitted a few poems that were near and dear to my heart and one of them was accepted for the Florida’s Best Emerging Poets book! I am beyond excited and honored to have my 5th poem published, and I’m so glad they reached out to me.

Preorders for the book I will be featured in are now available. You can purchase the book here:, as well as look through some of the other state anthologies. The publishing date is currently set for January 17th and I can’t wait to read all of the poetry from my fellow Floridian poets. I hope to see some familiar names!

You can follow Z Publishing on Facebook and their poetry anthologies on Z Poetry

July Camp NaNoWriMo: First Weekend


I started off July’s Camp NaNoWriMo by going to the library for research purposes. Worldbuilding is an important aspect of writing, so it is just as important to do proper research. For Deerstalker, the novel I have been working on all year, I have to do a lot of research due to the specific time period and setting I chose. Not only do they have a large impact on the plot, but it also affects small things, such as food, clothing, and customs.

I picked up books about the culture of the regions I have chosen to incorporate into my novel and the time period it is placed in so I can have a better understanding of the world. While my story contains supernatural elements that are not present in our world, I still want to bring in realistic elements to ground the reader.

I’ve actually had a lot of fun researching the culture and setting over the past few days. I learned a lot about history that I never would have imagined had I not chosen this specific period and region. These snippets of information will serve to enrich the plot, characters, and overall story by adding in details that the reader can relate to. I look forward to learning more about the places and peoples I have chosen for this story! I have already thought of new scenes to add based on the information I found so far, and can’t wait to write them out.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016

November isn’t the only month dedicated to writing. The geniuses behind National Novel Writing Month also put together Camp NaNoWriMo, which takes place several times throughout the year, including April. This “camp” allows writers to work on whatever project they desire, with their own set word count and goals.

For this camp, I’m going to be working on Deerstalker, a novel I started writing recently based on a prompt idea from a good friend and fellow writer. I was involved in a writers’ group which met weekly, where I submitted snippets of the novel to workshop with other writers. I had to take a break to focus on life’s little challenges, but also so I could refine the worldbuilding and continue writing for this novel. My goal is to have something ready to edit and submit to the writers’ group once the month is over.

Deerstalker is a supernatural/horror young adult novel.  The premise is that a village is cursed by the Nightmare, a horrifying creature that takes on a human host. It focuses on the main character of Wendell, a young teen who likes to read and is rather introverted. I will be posting updates on my writing progress throughout the month on this site, as well as on my writing tumblr account. You can easily find Deerstalker-related posts (aesthetic, references, writing updates, etc.) under the #Deerstalker tag.

Deerstalker logo copy CNW_Participant

Creative Callipipper!

I recently finished a freelance eCommerce store and Facebook setup for a friend of mine who creates cute animal-themed sweatshirts! We discussed different eCommerce stores and she decided to use Shopify, which offers a lot of features and is easy to use. I imported products from her Etsy store, edited them, and helped to set everything up. I learned a lot about Shopify during this process and feel comfortable setting up and managing stores with them. Check out the Creative Callipipper store for fun elephant, zebra, giraffe, flamingo, monkey, raccoon, and alligator shirts!

I also set up a Facebook business page to help her market and advertise her products. Shopify has a neat app that allows you to set up a shop on Facebook to sell directly on there or through a link to the Shopify store. The page is still fairly new, but I’m sure there will be lots to come in the future!

I really enjoyed this process and hope to take on more freelance jobs like this one!

Resources for Writers

I’ve taken the time to compile a a list of resources I personally use, have been recommended to use by fellow authors or professors, or have stumbled upon. My latest Hub Pages article talks about books, websites, conferences, and NaNoWriMo, plus many more sources for writers, writing, and the creative process. I’ll be adding suggestions and recommendations as they are given, so check back for more resources! Feel free to contact me with your own resources that are not yet on this list and I’ll add them!

Step Seven: Market

The last step to writing a novel is to market! You’ve published it, but now you have to get readers interested and build up a fanbase. I give tips and details on how to market yourself and your novel in my latest Hub Pages article. Being an author means more than simply writing, editing, and publishing. You have to interact with readers and really know your audience to keep the momentum going!

Quick Tip: Speaking at Conferences and Book Festivals is a great way to meet fellow authors, interact with readers, and network with publishers.

Good News!

I received great news earlier this week: I was offered the job of Copywriter Specialist with! I was very excited and accepted, so I start my career on Monday. After months of searching, applying, interviewing, and almost losing hope, I can put my Bachelor’s of English degree to good work and start paying off my student debt! The job consists of what I’ve been doing for several years now for both personal and professional work: writing content for business websites. I will be working with a team of fellow writers and editors to build brochure-style websites for professionals and businesses, working on the content pages before the design and coding team works their magic. If all goes well, I plan to stay with this company and build my career for several years.

Have no fear, I’ll still be writing! I am continuing my editing work on finished books, which mostly involves typing out the written version of Last of the Avians (whose title changed once I realized “Avian” is a more efficient term than “Winged Person”). I am also still publishing Hub Pages articles on how to write novels, using my own experience and advice from professional and academic sources. I even plan on writing a “How To Get A Job” aka What College Doesn’t Teach You article outlining what I have learned in these past few months alone (and wish I knew yeas ago!). If there are any other articles you would like to see from me, such as explaining more closely some of the steps (like Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing) or other writing topics, please let me know!

Step Six: Publish

Have you finished writing and editing your novel? If so, it’s time to get it published! Don’t let that beautiful manuscript and all that hard work go to waste, get you novel on the bookshelves! My latest Hub Pages article talks about all the different aspects of publishing and what authors should know when going into this step of the process.

Quick Tip: Avoid vanity presses, they sometimes turn out to be scams and force you to spend more money than necessary!

Step Five: Edit

What some authors consider the hardest part of writing a novel is what comes after writing: editing! In my latest Hub Pages article, I talk about the editing process and the truth about editors. Editing is a very important part of writing, so authors should embrace the inevitable and take the opportunity to receive as much feedback as possible before submitting their manuscript for publication.

Quick Tip: Take a break after finishing your novel before beginning the editing process!