Current Projects

Please do not use any of these ideas in your own work. Plagiarism is illegal according to Intellectual Property copyright laws.


I am working on several book series and novels at the moment:

The Planet of Dreams Series – A fantasy book series, these stories will feature numerous original and known creatures living on a whole new world, Sonoda, which is much like our world, Earth. Sonoda itself means “Planet of Dreams” or “Dream Planet”, and the beings of this world, called Sonodans, are also known as “Dreamers”. There are only three large countries on Sonoda, all connected to one very large landmass: Sonodia, Home of the Pure and Good, Tirinia, Home of the Darker or Corrupted beings, and Eurotopia, Home of the Neutral and Mysterious beings. The Dream Planet is three times larger than Earth and has two moons, Keyaiko and Minimono, the same size of Earth’s moon. There are many islands surrounding the landmasses as well, and there are mountains, swamps, oceans and more.

Book I: The Last of the Avians, is finished and undergoing revision.
Summary: At the beginning of “The Last of the Avians” Sonodia and Tirinia are at war with each other, while Eurotopia as usual remains neutral. However, when an old foe threatens to return and take over all of Sonoda, the last two Avians must band together and fight. Terrioya, the Protector and Guardian of Sonoda sent from the Creator (known as the “Father” or “Mother” to the Sonodans), helps unite these two and also the people of Sonoda against Vlash- the scourge and most hated “villain” in all the land. This will be the first tale of many.

Book II: Rise of the Phoenix (The Reign of Chaos) is in the plotting stages.

The Drawn to Darkness Series – Basically it’s about two people in love. But they go through hell and back to be together.

Book I: The Angel & the Demon, is in-progress
Summary: The adventures of Kiheada and Tigris.

Books II & III are in the plotting stages

Book IV: Memories of a Dream, is in-progress.
Summary: A collection of alternate realities where the two lovers search for each other.

Book V: Sanctuary, is almost “complete” and undergoing revision (written during NaNoWriMo 2013).
Summary: Dreams are not always what they appear to be, and reality is only a blurred line between wakefulness and sleeping. When your dreams come true, how much darkness escapes the light? A college girl who has been dreaming about one man her whole life receives a shock when he suddenly appears at her doorstep. Meanwhile, a cult of psychopaths is attempting to summon a being with immense power to be granted their own share and deliver their personal justice. The catch? The girl who dreams is the key to summoning the man she’s been dreaming of, who may or may not be the son of the Devil.

The Immortal Night – A journey through the past and present from the view of vampires, werewolves, and werepyres (oh my!). My contribution to one of the widest mythological lores takes place over centuries of time periods, eventually leading up to the present.

Book I: Cursed, is in-progress.
Summary: Based mainly in France during the early 1900s, a young girl is made into a vampire bride for the current Prince and must make her own reputation of blood and vengeance.

Books II & III are in the plotting stages

Saving You – The new High School student dreams about a girl in a coma. As he learns more about her, he wants to save her.
Complete and undergoing revision.

The Day I Howled – The book I wrote when I was ten, featuring a girl who is transformed into a wolf by her father’s latest scientific experiment. This children’s book will feature educational information on wolves and will be a companion piece to a creative nonfiction fact book about my favorite animals.
Complete and undergoing revisions.

Rise of the Mechas: The Third World War – The year is 2033. A new advancement in technological warfare has produced a sentient line of mobile weapons known as Mechas. The world is at war once again, with some countries attempting to remain neutral while rebel organizations rise from the ashes of neutral nations. As of yet, there is no clear winner, nor any sight of the end of the war.
In the plotting stages.

Deerstalker– A village is cursed by the Nightmare, a horrifying creature that takes on a human host. Based on a prompt provided by a dear friend and fellow writer.

Short Stories

Among Us – A collection of short stories revolving around angels, demons, and humans (oh my!) who dwell among us.

The Funeral is complete and undergoing revisions.
Summary: A young man’s journey through the afterlife as he encounters his guardian angel and demon during judgement.

Revenge – A series of short stories involving a woman who stands up to overwhelming obstacles in order to attain revenge.

Revenge Waits (aka Champion) is complete and undergoing revisions.
Summary: On a vacation to Orlando, Florida, a woman and her aunt are kidnapped and forced to compete in the Tournament of Bones where they must outlast the competition in each level filled with danger.


The Call of the Wolf – A creative nonfiction fact book about wolves, to be paired with my children’s book The Day I Howled as an educational resource.

How to Write Fan Fiction – A Fan Fiction Manual (originally written for a class assignment) which will hopefully be published as an e-book soon.
Complete and undergoing revisions.


Miss Murder – A screenplay series involving deadly ladies. Each woman has a reason and special way to kill.

Poison is complete and undergoing revision.
Summary: An affair triggers the murder of Mark Hammond. Cause of death? Allergic reaction due to spider bite.

Aching Souls – A play based on the prompt “where a dragon saves the princess from the knight” with inspiration from Lana del Ray’s song “Young and Beautiful” as well as Rammstein’s “Morgenstern”
Complete, undergoing revision.


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