When it comes to technical writing and copywriting, I have experience from Get Book Savvy, classes taken at Flagler College, and my current occupation as a Copywriter. While at Flagler College, I wrote a Fanfiction Manual which is currently being edited and set for e-book publication, as well as a Parking Proposal that was presented to the Student Council. These experiences have enabled me to write several kinds of business letters.

Website Copy/Advertisements

Allow me to write the content for your or your client’s website, advertisement, or product. Using SEO practices and AP Style writing techniques, I am able to market your company, product, or services. Read these fictitious websites and advertisements that showcase my SEO and content writing capabilities:

The Greatest Sleeping Bag Ever | Dragons & You | Mustache Bandages | Too Spooky

If you run a blog or are looking for someone to write articles for your company, count on me! With your guidelines and my writing experience, we can create an informative, engaging article to capture your readers’ attention. Below are a few of the articles I have written for blogs like My Gut Health:

How to Test for Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies | Quick, Healthy Snacks | What to Tell Your Doctor if You Think You May Have Sucrose Intolerance

If you need a manual for your workplace, let me help to write and edit it. Manuals are good to use as a standards document for workplace policies or generally teaching someone how to perform certain tasks. I have written manuals for both workplace etiquette and class assignments:

How to Use the Coffee Machine | Tips for Proofreading

Suggest a solution to a problem you have noticed with the right proposal. I help you to write and edit a proposal for submission to help you make a change in your workplace or local area.

If you are looking for a new job, let me help you beef up your resume. I help with general resumes as well as career resumes and Curriculum Vitaes by suggesting what information to add, change, or delete.

Sound professional when you send a business memo with my help. I work with you on tone and teach you how to write a detailed memo for the office.

If you want to request a grant for your business or cause, I help you set up and edit the document for submission. Grants are used to request money for business travels or organization assistance.

Press Releases
Let the world know what your company or organization is doing with press releases. I help you write, edit, and submit them to newspapers and other media outlets.