If you or your student needs help with English assignments or Creative Writing projects, I am available for workshops and tutoring sessions. As a former tutor in the Writing Center at Flagler College, and having taken multiple creative writing classes, I can instruct students in several aspects of writing. I charge a flexible rate for each tutoring session.

English Grammar
If you are struggling with English and Language Arts classes, I help you understand the mechanics of the English language. I offer this service primarily to high school and college students who want to improve their writing and English comprehension skills.

Basic Academic Writing
When you need help writing essays in MLA format, I help you set up the document and provide edits when needed. I do not write the essay for you, only help you with formatting and provide editing feedback. Simply send me your essay via e-mail or set up an in-person tutoring session.

Fiction, Nonfiction, & Poetry Development
Whether you are planning to submit your creative writing to a journal or other publication, or simply want some help in cultivating your creativity, I am here for you. Let me look at your current writing projects and give feedback to move you in the right direction for your goals.


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