About Nicole

Nicole M. Zaunbrecher
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Nicole M. Zaunbrecher is a four-time published poet and avid writer of fiction. Hailing from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, she dreams of writing, editing, and publishing works of art that inspire. She has attended literary conferences such as The Florida Heritage Book Festival, Other Words/FLAC, and PCAS. Her creative writing includes:

  • Fiction Novels
  • Short Stories
  • Roleplays
  • Fanfiction
  • Poetry
  • Screenplays for Film
  • Plays
  • Creative Nonfiction (Memoirs)
  • Song Lyrics

Publishing Experience
Nicole has had the privilege of being published by several journals throughout her career as a writer. She is proud of the following published works:

Nicole graduated from Flagler College with a Bachelor’s of Art in English and Creative Writing in May of 2014. While at Flagler College, she held the following roles:

  • Work Study for the Department of English at Flagler College
  • Secretary, Vice President, & President of Ink Slingers Creative Writing Club
  • Intern at Get Book Savvy and Sagaponack Books
  • Lead Poetry Editor of FLARE
  • Secretary of Flagler’s Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta
  • Writing Tutor at Flagler College’s Learning Center

Nicole is currently a Quality Control Editor at Web.com, where she edits the copy and design for websites developed by a professional web marketing and design team. The projects she has completed include:

  • A Standards Manual for the Copy Department
  • A Proposal to Enhance the Website Creation Process
  • A Proofreading Guide
  • A Standards Blog for the Copy Department
  • Training Manuals for Ecommerce Products
  • Training Presentation & Handouts for Meeting Word Counts

Writing & Professional Accounts
You can learn more about her or read her work on the following websites:
Professional Profile: LinkedIn
Articles: Hub Pages
Social Media: TwitterTumblrGoogle+

Nicole’s hobbies include dabbling in Photoshop, singing, gaming, cosplaying, and dancing. She considers herself a very creative person and is interested in the arts. As an activist, she also cares a lot about the environment and the animals that we live with. She likes to be active in the animal rights movement through petitioning, and is a member of the National Wildlife Federation, as well as supports the Defenders of Wildlife and World Wildlife Fund.