Officially Published!

I’m so excited and proud to announce that the book my poem is featured in, Florida’s Best Emerging Poets, has been published! I can now call myself a 5-Time Published Poet, which is a title I am very happy to embrace.

Poetry has always been a way for me to let out my emotions instead of keeping them bottled up inside. A lot of the poems I have written over the years, especially the ones from when I was younger, came about through the pure outpouring of emotion onto paper. I couldn’t explain why I chose certain words or what the poems were even about, because they were influenced by my emotions alone.

The poem featured in this collection, however, I can say was influenced by a great love in my life: the moon. As creative as I am, the most apt title I could think to give it was “Love Poems to the Moon” because, quite simply, that is what the series of stanzas is. They interchange between talking directly to the orb in the sky and talking indirectly about it.

I’ve been in love with the moon since I was a child. I always enjoy staring at it, especially when it’s full. A lot of my poems mention the moon, but this one is focused intently on it. When I found out that this was the chosen piece from the few I submitted, I was glad to know that my appreciation for the moon could be, well, appreciated. I hope those who read this poem are just as enamored with the moon as I am.

You can read “Love Poems to the Moon” by purchasing a copy of the softcover or eBook version of Florida’s Best Emerging Poets through Z Publishing or Amazon.


Exciting News!

Z Publishing Logo

I was recently contacted by Z Publishing to submit my poetry for one of their books. They compile an anthology of poems by the best poets in each state, in addition to their other projects, and publish them as eBooks and soft covers. I submitted a few poems that were near and dear to my heart and one of them was accepted for the Florida’s Best Emerging Poets book! I am beyond excited and honored to have my 5th poem published, and I’m so glad they reached out to me.

Preorders for the book I will be featured in are now available. You can purchase the book here:, as well as look through some of the other state anthologies. The publishing date is currently set for January 17th and I can’t wait to read all of the poetry from my fellow Floridian poets. I hope to see some familiar names!

You can follow Z Publishing on Facebook and their poetry anthologies on Z Poetry

Step Six: Publish

Have you finished writing and editing your novel? If so, it’s time to get it published! Don’t let that beautiful manuscript and all that hard work go to waste, get you novel on the bookshelves! My latest Hub Pages article talks about all the different aspects of publishing and what authors should know when going into this step of the process.

Quick Tip: Avoid vanity presses, they sometimes turn out to be scams and force you to spend more money than necessary!